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Hello Beautiful

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Budget Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas presents for my family and friends is easily on my "Top Five Favorite Things To Do" list. However, when you are a poor college student it is hard to afford buying everyone a gift. Last year, I started making handmade gifts. It is a fun and definitely cheaper route and I feel like anyone who gets a handmade gift appreciates it more! On this blog post, I want to show you different gifts you can make for your family and friends that will not break the bank!

1. Body Scrubs 
  •  Pinterest has many recipes for body/face/lip scrubs. Last year I made a body scrub to give our at Christmas and everyong loved it! I had many people ask me what was in it because it made their skin feel so soft and clean. Here are some of my favorite scrubs from different bloggers. You can always change the scent or color to personalize the gifts for each person.
  • Love Grows Wild
  •  Brit + Co.
  • Homemade For Elle
2. Ornaments 
  • I would normally give this gift to friends or co-workers, just because they usually get their gifts before Christmas day. You can find the clear ball ornaments at your local craft store and fill them up with whatever you please. Here are some ways to decorate them: 
  • The Nail Network
  • A Pumpkin and A Princess
  •  Sassy Sites
3. Knitted Items 
  • I have recently picked up hand knitting. Obsessed? Just slightly. You will need time and patience in learning how to hand knit. You will get frustrated and will have to start over a few times, but once you get it… you will not stop. Trust me! I think I knitted four scarves in two days. I love it. There are many videos you can learn how to hand knit from, but many of them might confuse you. I will link the video I learned from.
  • Hand Knitting Tutorial

4. Coasters
  • Coasters are neat because you can customize them to match the theme in one’s home. You can add an initial or a quote to personalize the item even more and it is SO simple to make. Here are some ideas from different bloggers:
  • The Frugal Girls
  •  Beneath My Heart
  • Stranded in Cleveland

There are plenty of things you can hand make and give as gifts without spending a fortune! If you have any other ideas leave them in the comments below!

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