Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful

Monday, May 23, 2016

Overall, I'm obsessed.


I love how easy they are to style. Not only can you make the outfit casual, you can dress them up as well. Converse, heels, flats... they all go with overalls.

For the spring season, I like to focus on what I can wear on top of the overalls, not just underneath. Pair them with an army style jacket, leather jacket, or even a plaid shirt (just in case the weather is too hot, you can tie it around your waist).

I do this with my jeans, so I can totally see me doing this with overalls. Roll or cuff the ends. It can make the outfit have a completely different look just by doing that simple trick!

Rocking a pair of printed overalls? Don't be afraid to pair them with another print! Or a plain tee or tank or even a graphic tee.

ALSO, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!!! Whether it with a tote bag, sunglasses, a hat, or some bling, you can never go wrong. I love wearing stackable bracelets, so that would be my go to.

What is your favorite way to style overalls?

xo, lo renee

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